New AIR for Academy of Architecture is Sarah van Sonsbeeck

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The Academy of Architecture has invited artist and architect Sarah van Sonsbeeck to be Artist in Residence for the 2017-2018 academic year.

Sarah van Sonsbeeck studied architecture at TU Delft (MA) and also studied at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy.

At a time when we are continually surrounded by sounds, Sarah demonstrates the importance of silence in her work. In the coming academic year, she will help design educational projects for students as Artist in Residence. Silence is a subject that students are concerned with, partly due to the increasing pressure on the city from tourists and (urban) densification. And what is that silence actually, which we believe that we are entitled to? In order to examine these topical, emerging questions within the design practice, the Academy of Architecture will be entering into a partnership with the artist Sarah van Sonsbeeck.

Sarah van Sonsbeeck will fall under the Artist in Residence programme of the Amsterdam University of the Arts. In recent years, surprising and much talked about projects and lecture series have been realized respectively under the guidance of Artists in Residence, such as the visual artist and film director Gabriel Lester and photographer Jeroen Musch.