A new Master’s degree programme: DAS Creative Producing

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A new Master’s degree programme, DAS Creative Producing – Entrepreneurship in the Arts, is being launched in September 2018. This graduate-level study for creative producers is the first of its kind in the Netherlands. Creative producers have a distinct vision about developments in the world and in the arts, and realize a wide variety of art projects with social, political and financial support. Creative producers link up artists, financial backers and the public in an innovative and sustainable manner.

The DAS Creative Producing study programme that we are presently developing is aimed at inspired entrepreneurs in the arts, disrupters with an activist streak, production managers, producers, and business leaders in the arts sector who are capable of thinking and working beyond the established norms and structures. Students must be professionally active as producers in the field of contemporary arts (theatre, film, music, visual art, cultural heritage, etc.), have a sharp understanding of existing systems and be motivated to shape a future-oriented landscape of the arts. They can critically and constructively reflect on this issue and are capable of putting innovative perspectives into practice.

‘Resistance and change often begins in art.’
- Ursula K. Le Guin

The study is divided into three domains: vision, entrepreneurship and context. Each domain revolves around its own keynote speakers and coaches: thinkers, artists, activists, scholars and producers, all of whom are leading figures in the current discourse on the necessity of transitions. 

Bringing a decidedly international perspective to the DAS Creative Producing study programme, they include Mitchell Esajas (anthropology, founder of Black Archives and New Urban Collective), Anne Breure (artistic director of Veem House for Performance), Marie Beauchamps (cultural analysis, University of Amsterdam, specialized in research on citizenship), Simone van den Ende (media trainer, programme-maker for film and television), Patricia Kaersenhout (artist, among other things examining invisibility as a consequence of the African diaspora and colonialism) and Juha van ‘t Zelfde (creative producer, Progress Bar, MA Shadow Channel, Sandberg Institute). 

In addition, the curriculum offers the students nuggets of expertise from the fields of business administration, law, management and art education that are needed in order to be able to produce in a sustainable manner. DAS Creative Producing is a two-year, part-time Master’s. The language of instruction is Dutch.