Jorge Lucero new Artist in Residence at the Arts Education research group

photo: Abigail Crandall

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The Mexican-American artist and teacher Jorge Lucero will be Artist in Residence (AIR) from February to May 2018 at the Arts Education research group at the Amsterdam University of the Arts. In this period, he will be visiting Amsterdam twice to share his radical vision of the (art) educational practice with students from the four teacher study programmes at the AHK.

About Jorge Lucero
Jorge Lucero studied at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and obtained his master's degree and PhD at Pennsylvania State University. He is currently affiliated with the School of Art + Design at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. He is known as a conceptual artist and prominent art teacher and is also active as an author for various journals in the field of art education.

Jorge Lucero has a radical view on the (art) educational practice. He believes that the educational practice of a teacher can also be his / her art practice. Lucero's interdisciplinary art practice is rooted in social art and participatory arts. In this conceptual art practice the school functions as 'studio', the daily school practice as 'material' and pupils as co-artists.

Work sessions
In several work sessions with the students from AHK's teacher study programmes, Lucero will share how he puts his vision into practice. Between February and May students will then perform artistic interventions at various schools in Amsterdam (in primary or secondary education). The student assumes the role of 'teacher as a conceptual artist'. The goal is that, in this way, the students learn how they can give pupils an active role as co-creators.

About AIR
The Amsterdam University of the Arts invites the Artist in Residence (AIR) to inspire students and teachers by confronting them with topical developments and issues from arts practrice. These tailor-made AIR programmes focus on innovation and connection in an international and multidisciplinary context.

About the Art Education research group
The Arts Education research group develops knowledge in the field of arts and cultural education through a wide range of studies and research projects. The work of the research group also feeds into developments in education and the professionalisation of teaching at the bachelor programmes Fine Art and Design in Education, Dance in Education, Music in Education and Theatre in Education; and the Arts Education research group’s multidisciplinary Master of Education in Arts programme.