Master lecture 'ODYSSEY – a philosophical launch of the mind' by Michael Madsen (28/02)

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Wednesday, 28 February 2018, 19:30-21:30 hrs.
Film Academy cinema

With ODYSSEY, Michaels new project in development, he enters a transmedia universe for the first time, spanning film, app and installation. Reporting from the inside of this process, Michael will talk about his work philosophy and practice, including his: ”Rules concerning sublimation of the international narrative art, for spiritual and bodily obedience.”

About Michael Madsen
Michael Madsen is a conceptual artist and director of the multiple award-winning “Into Eternity” (2010). Recentfilms include “Halden Prison”, in 3D and part of “Cathedrals of Culture” initiated by Wim Wenders. In addition, Michael has been guest lecturer at a.o. The Royal Danish Academy of Art, The Danish Film School, University of California. University of Western Sydney, School of Architecture, London. Workshops include ”Workshop For Individuals With Absolutely No Idea For A Film”. 

Michaels latest film, THE VISIT, premiered in competition at Sundance 2015.