DAS Choreography and DAS Theatre assessed as 'top rated programmes'

Open Doors DAS Graduate School 2017. Photo: Thomas Lenden.

Open Doors DAS Graduate School 2017. Photo: Thomas Lenden.

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With a score of 100, the DAS Choreography Master’s programme of the DAS Graduate School, part of the Academy of Theatre and Dance (ATD), is one of the top arts programmes in the Netherlands. The DAS Theatre Master’s programme also received the designation ‘top rated programme’ (topopleiding) from the Keuzegids. 

This was assessed in the Master’s Guide 2018 (Keuzegids Masters 2018). The Amsterdam University of the Arts has a unique range of Master’s programmes in all arts disciplines. In the case of all degree programmes, the experts assessed the quality as (very) positive.

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About the Master’s Guide 2018?
The Master’s Guide 2018 (Keuzegids Masters 2018) is a consumer guide for students who are looking for information about Master’s programmes. The guide offers a complete overview of all professionally-oriented (hbo) and academic Master’s degree programmes in each field of study, including a quality assessment. The Keuzegids bases its assessment on the Dutch National Student Survey (Nationale Studenten Enquête, NSE) and on the assessment of an expert panel.