Drake Music Artist in Residence at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam

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From March 21 to March 23, Drake Music (London) is Artist In Residence at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam. Drake Music specializes in working with musicians who have a mental and/or physical disability. This so-called inclusiveness is a current development within music education.

Two specialized trainers/musicians from Drake Music, Ben Lunn and Tim Yates will work with the fourth-year students of the Bachelor of Music in Education for three days. Together they investigate how technologies such as the use of iPads and (music) software can bring about the inclusiveness of intellectually and/or physically limited people in the professional music world. The ensemble they form is supported by the musicians of My Breath My Music.

This project with Drake Music is realized in collaboration with the AIR program of the AHK. An Artist in Residence (AIR) inspires students and teachers by confronting them with current developments and issues from art practice. Innovation and connection are central to these customized AIR programs, as well as the international and multidisciplinary context.

Congress My Music Ability
The results of this residency will be presented on Saturday 24 March in the form of a performance during the congress My Music Ability at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam. My Music Ability is a collaboration between the Conservatorium van Amsterdam, the Fonds Cultuurparticipatie and the LKCA. More information on the LKCA

More information
Drake Music: www.drakemusic.org?
Tim Yates: http://hackoustic.org/about/?
Ben Lunn: https://benlunncomposer.tumblr.com/bio
My Breath My Music: http://mybreathmymusic.com/