Francesca Clements to receive subsidy towards research project

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The Dutch ‘Regieorgaan Praktijkgericht Onderzoek SIA’ has awarded a subsidy of € 25.000 to Francesca Clements, who graduated from the Master Programme in Live Electronics in 2016.

During her master’s studies, Francesca developed a method to implement the use of live electronics and digital media in music lessons for children of 6-11 years of age. With this method she aims to create a connection between their instrumental music lessons and the technology which is part of their daily lives, such as computers, smartphones, tablets and game controllers, thereby stimulating their musical curiosity and creative imagination as well as offering music teachers the tools to introduce music technology in their lessons.

This subsidy will enable Francesca to examine how to  launch this method successfully. She will be assisted by a team of experts including Jorge Isaac (principal subject teacher of recorder at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam), Marcel Wierckx (sound and video artist), Jelle Verstraten (composer) and Iris Oltheten (music teacher and concert programmer), under the auspices of the Music Research Division of the Conservatorium van Amsterdam.

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