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DAS Creative Producing. Image: Polina Medvedeva

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The new DAS Creative Producing - Entrepreneurship in the Arts Master's degree programme starts in September 2018. This part-time master's (in development) is the first programme for creative producers in the Netherlands.

The world and the arts are continually developing, and producing within the arts sector is becoming more and more complex. The activities of a producer are becoming increasingly varied, interdisciplinary and internationally-oriented. There is a great need for new, innovative models and structures that provide a sustainable connection between artists, sponsors and the public.

To meet this need, a new Master’s programme is starting in September 2018: DAS Creative Producing – creative entrepreneurship in the arts. Concepts such as engagement, inclusiveness, autonomy, co-ownership and urgency are central to the curriculum.

Deadline for applications: 16 March 2018

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Information evenings
The information evenings are on 13 February & 1 March from 19: 00-21: 00 at DAS Graduate School.


On this evening we give more information about the curriculum, the admission procedure and the learning environment of DAS Graduate School. Ask your artistic director Gwenoële Trapman, the core team of the study or a coach. One of the participants of the previous trial module is present to share her experiences with you. Be welcome!