Comenius Senior Fellowship for Marijke Hoogenboom and ‘Third’ by DAS Graduate School

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On 19 April, lector Marijke Hoogenboom was awarded a Comenius Senior Fellowship of 100.000 euro to further develop the transition programme Third by DAS Graduate School. The grant is awarded to education professionals who develop plans for educational innovation in higher education. A Comenius grant makes it possible to implement improvements or innovations within one’s own study programme. New Comenius Fellows become part of the KNAW Comenius Network. On 16 May the KNAW, in collaboration with the NRO and OCW, will organize a festive launch.

Bridging the gap: towards a full cycle of education in the performing arts
With its transition programme entitled Third, the Amsterdam University of the Arts seeks to bridge the gap between the master’s degree of the Academy of Theatre and Dance and international PhD courses. Third aims to support individual choreographers, theatre makers and performance artists to draft research proposals for the 3rd cycle that prepares them for taking part in (inter)national research programmes. Third was among the highest scoring applications and was evaluated as ‘very good’.  

About the Comenius programme  
The Comenius programme allows teachers and ‘leaders in education’, in the spirit of the namesake of the programme, to put into practice their vision of education and develop educational leadership qualities. In the coming years, the Comenius programme hopes to grow so it can realize a broad range of educational innovations annually. Through visible appreciation of excellent and inspired teaching/leadership, the government wants to make an emphatic contribution to promoting more variation in the careers of teachers and researchers at schools for higher vocational education and universities.  

More information about the Comenius programme

The grants are made available by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sciences (OCW)