Honorable mention for Mirte van Laarhoven during Archiprix 2018

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On Saturday 2 June, Mirte van Laarhoven (alumna Landscape Architecture) received an honorable mention for her graduation project Flowing Force during the presentation of the Archiprix 2018. The winners were announced this year at the Wagenmakerij in the Tilburg Spoorzone.

Flowing Force
Mirte van Laarhoven received the honorable mention for her graduation plan Flowing Force. A project with the ambition to transform the Dutch river area into a natural landscape with international allure. The design covers the whole river area, on a smaller scale three locations are developed. Various landscape shapers are designed to stimulate the development of nature. Together they form a toolbox with which processes in the landscape can be set in motion, a beautiful application of principles that are known per se.

Socially relevant assignments
The jury assessed the 26 best graduation projects selected by the Dutch design programs. The majority of the plans deal with socially relevant tasks, ranging from reuse, social housing to ecology. It is encouraging, according to the jury, that the new generation feels involved in society and that it uses its knowledge to develop solutions for social problems. The quality of the presentation is of a high level across the board, according to the jury. This applies in particular to books that contain not only intrinsically in-depth studies, but are also exceptionally well designed.

The jury
The jury consisted this year of: Lilith van Assem (Lilith Ronner van Hooijdonk - architecture), Marco Broekman (marco.broekman - urbanism), Albert Herder (studio dion - architecture), Véronique Patteeuw (theory) and Philomene van der Vliet (BOOM! landscape - landscape architecture). The secretary of the jury is Henk van der Veen from Archiprix.