"Today, resistance and change are more necessary than ever"

Flohio at Progress Bar in Paradiso, Amsterdam. Photo: Pieter Kers

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This is a time of new beginnings at DAS Graduate School. After several years of preparation our new Master’s programme, DAS Creative Producing – Entrepreneurship in the Arts, has now begun. This is the first study programme for creative producers in the Netherlands. Want to stay informed? Register for our newsletter.

The term ‘creative producer’, which originated in England and the United States and is now internationally recognized in the Netherlands, refers to a person who mediates between artists, financiers and the public. Creative producers connect all of these parties in an innovative, enduring and inclusive manner. Typically maintaining an explicit view of developments in the world and in the arts, creative producers realize a great variety of what are often radical and socially urgent art projects.

“Resistance and change often begin in art,” author Ursula K. Le Guin once said. Today, resistance and change are more necessary than ever. The making of art has become increasingly precarious and complex. There is a great need for new ways of working that enable us to forge an enduring connection with other disciplines and participants, whether they be makers, visitors or backers. This is why DAS Creative Producing exists.

Juha van ’t Zelfde, Faculty member DAS Creative Producing: "We are extremely proud of having begun. We would like to thank the first class of students for joining us and wish them lots of success and pleasure in the coming years. We are looking forward to welcoming other students, colleagues and interested parties to our open programmes Producing the Future in the coming months."

Producing the Future
As part of the program we invite role models from different disciplines (theatrr, film, music, etc.) every month for a lecture (language: Dutch). 

The first guest was Cees Debets, director of Het Nationale Theater in The Hague. Debets had invited actor Vanja Rukavina, winner of the Arlecchino award for the most impressive male supporting role in ‘The Nation’.

The following lectures are:

  • October 28: Shamira Raphaëla - Film
  • November 25: Alex van Stipriaan - Visual art
  • December 16: Kevin de Radamie - Music