AHK opens workspace at Marineterrein Amsterdam

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From October 2018, the Amsterdam University of the Arts (AHK) is expanding to the Marineterrein in Amsterdam. The academies of the AHK will have a common workspace where they, together with scientists, industry and community members in the field, work on innovative projects for societal challenges. The space is also suitable for showcases of projects and public presentations. The new location can be found in building 027.

Latest technologies
The AHK wants to offer its students more space to design, create and experiment with new technologies (3D printers), techniques, machines (laser cutters) and materials for, for example, scale models, decors and installations. The university wants to consciously collaborate with a broad community, consisting of the creative industry, the community at the Marineterrein and partners from higher education in Amsterdam, to come up with solutions and test and apply solutions for all kinds of societal challenges. In this way, a new generation of designers and makers gains skills that are indispensable in their future professional practice. Students from the AHK are already working together in the VR Academy on the Marineterrein, at the initiative of the Netherlands Film Academy. This is a workspace at community member XR Base, where students experiment and learn to work with the latest virtual reality techniques.

Bert Verveld, chairman of the Executive Board of the AHK, is pleased that the university of the arts is further developing its activities on the Marineterrein. "The AHK finds it very important that its students can come into contact with the latest developments in technology and with other makers. We are proud that we can do this in collaboration with the Marineterrein, which has developed into the creative and technological hotspot in Amsterdam. We believe that the interaction between our students - and the learning and working environment that is being developed on the Marineterrein - can bring a lot to all parties".

The intention is to transform the Marineterrein Amsterdam step by step from a military site to an urban innovation environment and a flexible and future-proof city district with work and meeting spaces, special living forms and green spaces. "With the arrival of the AHK, we are taking the next step in realizing a hypermodern innovation environment in the heart of the city, where we devise, test and apply solutions to challenges in the areas of learning, health, traffic and water" says Liesbeth Jansen, director of the Marineterrein Amsterdam office.

Graduation Show
The new workspace that the AHK will be using from October on is already open to the public in the first weekend of November. From Friday 2 to Sunday 4 November, the master students of the Academy of Architecture will present their graduation project during the Graduation Show. This exhibition, with this year's theme 'Waste no more', is freely accessible.

About Marineterrein Amsterdam
The companies and organizations that are located on the Marineterrein Amsterdam invent, test and apply
solutions for all kinds of societal challenges and a sustainable environment. An international community of innovators, scientists and entrepreneurs work together to make city and country flexible and resilient.