ID.OS E02 Marianne Forrest (Auto Italia South East) - 6 November 18:00

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In the new series ID.OS - IDlab Open Studio - progressive artists present their innovative interdisciplinary practice. From electronic music to video games, and from music videos to Instagram documentaries.

In the second edition we welcome Marianne Forrest of the radial artists network Auto Italia South East. Auto Italia was founded in 2007 and produces and presents new work by emerging artists. The projects explore what is possible for creative work and distribution through collaborative and artist-led approaches that often blur the lines of individual authorship.

Auto Italia has collaborated with Dutch artists Metahaven, currently on view at the Stedelijk Museum with their first major museum survey ‘Earth'. They have also collaborated with Lighthouse in Brighton, directed by Juha van ’t Zelfde. Other projects they have realised are amongst others 'Immaterial Labour Isn't Working' (2014), with artists, activists and writers examining how digital technology is changing our political selves.; 'On Coping: A Reading for Liverpool’ (2015), on empathy, solidarity and collectivity; and 'Read My Lips' (2018), a survey exhibition of image-making, community activism and public works produced by the seminal AIDS activist art collective Gran Fury between 1987 and 1995.

During ID.OS E02, Marianne Forrest will give insights into the personal, inventive and urgent way of collaborating, producing and presenning that has made Auto Italia internationally acclaimed.

After the presentation the audience will get the chance to ask questions.
Afterwards, ID.OS E02 ends with soup and drinks, just like HALf6. Everyone welcome <3

More information:

ID.OS E02: Marianne Forrest (Auto Italia South East)
When: Tuesday 6 November 18:00-19:00
Location: IDlab Studio, 5th floor, Academy of Theater and Dance.
Free access
Language: English
Host and curator: Juha van 't Zelfde
Programme management IDlab: Erik Lint

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