Nominations Archiprix NL and audience award at closure Graduation Show 2018

Nominations Archiprix NL (c) Inge Hoogland. From the left: Christiaan Schuit, Iruma Rodríguez Hernández and Lesia Topolnyk. Anne Nieuwenhuijs unfortunately could not be present and is therefore missing on the photo.

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Nominations Archiprix NL
At the closure of the Graduation Show 2018, director Madeleine Maaskant announced the four nominations for the Archiprix NL. The nominated projects will participate in the prestigious prize for graduating talent from the Dutch design study programmes. The nominated graduation projects are: 'Liquid Land' by Anne Nieuwenhuijs (master of Landscape Architecture), 'Towards a happier Havana!' by Iruma Rodríguez Hernández (master Urbanism), ‘From One Room to Another' by Christiaan Schuit (master Architecture) and 'Un-United Nations Headquarters' by Lesia Topolnyk (master Architecture). The presentation of the Archiprix NL will take place in the spring of 2019.

Audience award
Visiting critic Daan Roggeveen announced the winner of the audience award, which was Alexey Boev with his graduation project 'Reopening democracy'.

A catalog with an overview of all 38 graduation projects, designed by Arthur Roeloffzen, can be bought at the Academy of Architecture (€7,50).

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