Exhibition Studio Seaweed in the Architecture Centre of Amsterdam

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On Friday afternoon 11 January at 17:00, the exhibition ‘Studio Seaweed – scenarios for architecture’ (Studio Zeewier – scenario’s voor de architectuur) will open in Architecture Centre Amsterdam. Baukje Trenning, lecturer at the Amsterdam Academy of Architecture, will show the results of the research of 20 students, who have taken the course Materialisation with her in the past two years. In the mini exhibition, you can smell and feel samples yourself and you will learn more about the creative process and the application thereof in architecture.

Seaweed has often been used as a building material. For example, in the traditional houses on the Danish island Læsø where – in the absence of other materials – roofs are covered with locally-sourced seagrass. Seaweed is also applied as an insulating material in the hollow spaces of walls and roofs. Examples such as these are the basis of the ongoing research project of Baukje Trenning and her students. Through literature study and with the aid of experiments, they have spent two semesters exploring the potential of the green North Sea variety: knotted wrack. Is this raw material applicable in the architecture of tomorrow, and which knowledge is required in order to be able to utilise it in a sustainable, circular building process?

In addition to the atrium exhibition of Baukje Trenning, the exhibition Collective Comeback will also open in Architecture Centre Amsterdam on Friday afternoon 11 January. By means of models, drawings, photos and films of iconic buildings from the period 1965-1985, this exhibition mirrors the collective architecture of that time with that of today.

Opening times
The exhibition ‘Studio Seaweed – scenarios for architecture’ (Studio Zeewier – scenario’s voor de architectuur) can be seen at Architecture Centre Amsterdam (Prins Hendrikkade 600) from 11 January 2019 to 21 February 2019. Tuesday to Sunday, 13:00 – 17:00, free entrance.