Master’s students design exhibition for diaconate

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Last year, students of the master’s programme in Museology presented designs for a permanent exhibition in the garden of the Protestant Diaconate. Now, one of these designs will actually be implemented.

As part of the master’s programme students have to work in groups on real questions from the heritage field. This college year, the Protestant Diaconate asked for exhibition designs highlighting its work and history.

Journey of life
One of the presented designs made such an impression that it will now actually be implemented. The design features a red ribbon that leads through the garden, along information signs and eleven statues of people who played a role in the diaconate’s history. The ribbon symbolizes the journey of life.

It is not yet known when the exhibition will be ready. The technical design has yet to be finished and the required licences have yet to be granted. But once the exhibition is open to the public, a red ribbon will lead visitors through the garden.