Fourth training in Indonesia focuses on education in museums

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The Reinwardt Academy works together with the Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture, the Dutch embassy in Jakarta, Heritage Hands-On and the Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands in a series of trainings to increase the professional expertise of museums and heritage institutions in Indonesia. This month the fourth training will take place in Semarang.

Ruben Smit, senior lecturer at the Reinwardt Academy, and Gundy van Dijk, head of Education & Public Activities at the National Maritime Museum in Amsterdam, will join in a training programme with a group of Indonesian museum and heritage professionals in Semarang. The focus of the programme will be on learning and education in museums. This is the fourth training in a series of six, developed and tailor-made to increase the professional expertise of museums and heritage institutions in Indonesia. The training programme is case-oriented, has a practical hands-on approach backed with sound theory, and is directly applicable to the day-to-day work practice.

Putting knowledge in local contexts
The first training took place in July 2018 in Yogyakarta, the second in December 2018 in Jakarta and the third was in April 2019 in Malang. What participants appreciate most about the programme is that Dutch and Indonesian trainers work together, with the latter putting shared knowledge and experience in local contexts. The training as such offers a mutual and balanced exchange of expertise. The fact that the programme takes place at local museums is also well-appreciated. These venues serve as case studies with lively on-site analysis and discussion. And finally, participants appreciate that the training programme offers great opportunities for peer-learning and networking. The programme will end in 2020.