Beautiful review Dansers van Morgen in Dance Europe

photo: Antoinette Mooy

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The performance Dansers van Morgen of the Dutch National Ballet Academy has received a wonderful review in the international magazine Dance Europe. In addition, a photo of our NBA dancer Emma Mardegan featured on the cover of the magazine. Emma will have a contact with the Junior Company of the Dutch National Ballet in 2019-2020. It is the first time in the history of the magazine that such a young dancer receives this honour.

Some quotes from the review in Dance Europe August / September, written by Susan Pond:

‘The dancers rose to the occasion and there were some remarkable performances, particularly from leading lady Emma Mardegan. Besides her strong technique and impeccable fouettés she executed lyrical maturity and self-assurance. Mardegan is one of the three students joining the Junior Company next season. Watch out for her!’

‘The standard of the whole performance was very high and inspiring, and the academy staff and teachers must be very proud of this generation ‘dancers of tomorrow.’



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