Alumna Anne Dessing wins ARC19 Jong Talent Award

Anne Dessing (Studio Anne Dessing). picture: Dik Nicolai, source: de Architect

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The ARC19 Jong Talent Award (ARC19 Young Talent Award) has been awarded this year to alumna Anne Dessing (graduated in 2012 at the Amsterdam Academy of Architecture, Master in Architecture). The jury, chaired by Evelien van Veen, considers her to be a talented designer with an original vision on the field.

Anne Dessing (1985) operates at the interface of art and architecture with her studio. She presents herself as a research-based architect and works on exhibitions, installations. drawings, models, interiors and (temporary) buildings. In addition to her design practice, she also gives lessons at various academic institutes.

The jury praised the analytical approach of Dessing. Although her manner of presentation is still fragmented, the jury sees much potential in this research. In her designs, such as the interior for the Sandberg Instituut in Amsterdam, she displays creative solutions with considerable attention devoted to light and vistas. The jury is curious how she will develop this approach further once she receives commissions that go further than interior design.

ARC19 Jong Talent Award
The ARC19 Jong Talent Award  is presented annually to a promising young designer no older than 35. This young architect distinguishes herself/himself through an innovative vision on the field, society and design.

The jury of the ARC19 Jong Talent Award this year consisted of Evelien van Veen (Van Veen Architecten, jury chair), Tomas Dirrix (Atelier Tomas Dirrix), Hester van Dijk (Overtreders W), Michelle Corbeau (AM) and Marieke Giele (de Architect, secretary).

The ARC19 Architectuur Award is an initiative of Kingspan and the architectural journal de Architect. Read more at the website of de Architect.