Prizes for Tim Ouwejan, Maxim Heijmerink and Ana Balestra at Classic Young Masters

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Trombonist Tim Ouwejan (2000) has won no less than three prizes at Classic Young Masters. Pianist Maxim Heijmerink (2000) and vocalist Ana Balestra (1998) also won prizes.

Tim Ouwejan and Maxim Heijmerink were both awarded the title of ‘Classic Young Master’. This award entitles the winner to a two-year individual coaching programme tailored to the musician’s needs. Additionally, Tim Ouwejan won the Audience Award, which includes a solo concert, and the Young Talent Orchestra Award, a concert with the Young Talent Orchestra.
Ana Balestra won the Sinfonia Rotterdam Award, a performance with the Sinfonia Rotterdam conducted by Conrad van Alphen.

Classic Young Masters is a scouting and coaching programme for young, talented musicians. Every year six laureates present themselves before an international jury.