MakerSpace AHK officially opened

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On Friday 24 January, the MakerSpace was officially opened. Students from all academies can come to this workshop at the Marineterrein for the newest technological gadgets, such as Virtual Reality and working with 3D printers.

Bert Verveld, chairman of the Executive Board, kicked off the opening with a word of welcome. Together with Annet Lekkerkerker, member of the Executive Board, he officially opened the space. Harry Schreurs subsequently treated the visitors to an explanation about all the ins and outs of the VRAcademy. The opening was concluded with various guided tours.

Would you like to get to work in the MakerSpace too?
After following a classical compulsory instruction session, you will be given access with your student card during opening hours. Bo Jansen, Martijn Troost and/or Peter Schuitemaker are present Monday to Thursday (from 10:00 to 20:00), as well as Friday and Saturday (from 09:00 to 17:00) in order to help you in the workshop. If the instructors are not present, you cannot make use of the machines, but you may work independently. 

Marineterrein, Kattenburgerstraat 5, building 027 N, 1018 JA Amsterdam.

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