New research publication: Teaching dance in the 21st century

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At the Arts Education Research Group a new research had been published. Teaching dance in the 21st century is a research of John Taylor and Angela Linssen, resp. teacher and artistic director at the Academy of Theatre and Dance.

This qualitative study evaluated the content, design, and learning outcomes of the HBO (applied universities) dance teacher’s professionalization course “Teaching Dance in the 21st century”. The course aimed to support the transition of dancer practitioners from the work field in their new role as teachers in higher education and to promote the further development of dance teachers already working in higher education. A Semi-structured interview, dilemma-instrument, online questionnaire and group interview were employed to evaluate the course. The results showed that the teachers felt that the course had allowed them to further deepen, clarify, and develop (new) conceptions and practices connecting with their convictions about teaching and interacting with students, and gave rise to a greater feeling of self-efficacy. Furthermore, the teachers recommended that the community building aspects of the course could be strengthened, and the facilitation of a community beyond the context of the course would encourage a beneficial exchange of the diversity of dance practices found across different higher education institutions in the Netherlands.

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