Mavis Carrilho appointed as quartermaster for a Diversity in the Arts research group

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The Executive Board of the Amsterdam University of the Arts (AHK) has appointed Mavis Carrilho as quartermaster for the newly to be established Diversity in the Arts research group. Mavis Carrilho is a highly experienced consultant who specializes, among other things, in development programs for organizations in the field of diversity and inclusion. Within the AHK she will prepare the way for a new research group that wants to deepen and broaden the knowledge of and experience with diversity in the arts.

Research group Diversity in the arts
The AHK has identified diversity and inclusion within the university of applied sciences as a spearhead in its Strategic Plan and strives to accelerate and support this process establishing this research group, among other things. In preparation for the research group, Mavis Carrilho will discuss ideas, expectations and research area (s) for this new research group with AHK employees, communities in the academies, the professional field and the current AHK professors. In any case, this process will lead to a profile of the professor to be recruited.

Mavis Carrilho
Mavis Carrilho is a versatile consultant and coach with extensive experience in, among others, the cultural sector and the government. She specializes in collaboration issues within organizations and in diversity and inclusion. As the founder and director of Netwerk CS, the learning network for professionals in the art and culture sector about diversity and inclusion, she was at the basis of the Cultural Diversity Code. She recently worked for the municipality of The Hague as a core member of the Advisory Committee on multi-annual Policy on Art & Culture 2021-2024, with a focus on diversity and inclusion. For the municipality of Amsterdam she acted as process supervisor for a museum facility in the field of Dutch slavery history. She is chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Chocolonely Foundation and a member of the Supervisory Board of Theater Rotterdam, Ymere and TivoliVredenburg.

Annet Lekkerkerker, member of the Executive Board, about the appointment of Mavis Carrilho: “Mavis Carrilho has an impressive track record in the field of diversity and inclusion and is an excellent process facilitator and discussion partner. We believe that with her knowledge, skills and personality she will be of great value to the AHK in the process that will lead to the Diversity in the Arts professorship. We look forward to working together. ”

Diversity and the AHK
The Amsterdam University of the Arts wants to be an inclusive and diverse school at all levels where students and employees feel at home, recognize each other and can develop themselves. The AHK wants to create an environment where everyone feels safe, safe to be who they are, safe to speak out about what is going well and what is not. The AHK wants to give space to everyone with talent to develop that talent optimally in an inclusive environment.