Opening online graduation festival re-CONNECT by director (a.i.) of the Academy of Theatre and Dance Marjo van Schaik

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Moderator Gijs De Corte and director (a.i.) Academy of Theatre and Dance Marjo van Schaik

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Director (a.i.) of the Academy of Theatre and Dance Marjo van Schaik opened the online graduation festival re-CONNECT on 26 June.

Live from the re-CONNECT studio at the academy, Marjo gave a speech for the online visitors of the festival and the 2020 graduation group:

'It is also not an' ordinary 'group of graduates. But a batch that has received a very special gift without being asked. As the only generation they followed the full live training and tasted a completely new reality: how do you deal with the unexpected, the big world outside yourself, and how do you explore your artistic boundaries within it?'

Read the entire speech by Marjo van Schaik, held during the opening of the online re-CONNECT graduation festival here