Launch of Fair Practice Module pilot phase

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The Academy of Theatre and Dance is scheduled to start the pilot phase of its Fair Practice Module, a series of in-depth lessons. A fair labour market for the art and culture sector is more topical today than ever before and the Academy of Theatre and Dance is strongly committed to making this possible. We want to prepare our students optimally so that they become multi-facetted entrepreneurs and develop their own vision of the complex job market in the dance and theatre sector.

In September, a first pilot of the Fair Practice Module series of lessons will start with third- and fourth-year students of Drama & Contemporary Music Theatre (ATKA). Philosophy teacher Sophie van Hoorn will act as moderator during this pilot year. Experts from outside the academy, like Jimmy-Pierre de Graaf, will also give lessons.

The project group behind the Fair Practice Module, under leadership of alumni Simone van Bennekom and Wendy van Os, made an extensive inventory of what study programmes look for when they teach students about entrepreneurship. It became clear that the Fair Practice Module and the theme of a fair labour market, demand a more in-depth approach because   complex issues are discussed that every student must learn to relate to.

A comprehensive series of lessons was compiled on the basis of five themes, homework, a final assignment and peer review. The lessons will be given to mixed groups of students from all ATD bachelor study programmes. The module is still being developed.  

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Student reactions to the pilot Fair Practice 2019:
‘For me the module was about awareness. It offers a new perspective on work connections.’
‘Deeper insight! For me this module was about the importance of art in society and how I can relate to it.’

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