Victorine van Alphen (Master of Film) in The New York Times with her installation IVF-X

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Creating your own cyborg baby and meeting it in virtual reality… Speculating on the future of human reproduction and post-human life forms, artist and philosopher Victorine van Alphen (researcher Master of Film) developed a unique VR installation in collaboration with the VRAcademy (AHK), The Netherlands Film Academy and Vondel CS: IVF-X.

This special installation was shown at Vondel CS in Amsterdam from 26 till 30 August and is now also receiving a lot of attention in the international press, including The New York Times and Reuters.

The IVF-X is a digital IVF clinic avant la lettre. In this installation, a baby is produced on the basis of the participant's choices in the information donor room.

Victorine was intensively guided in the development process by the coaches of the Master of Film and teachers of the VRAcademy of The Amsterdam University of the Arts. 

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