Nomination Higher Education Premium 2021 for Theaterdocent Verkort

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 The Amsterdam University of the Arts is nominating the education team of the Theaterdocent Verkort (TdV) department for the newly established Dutch Higher Education Premium 2021. The prize will be awarded in March 2021 to three education teams from higher professional education and three education teams from university education that provide an excellent or have delivered a special performance with regard to the renewal and / or improvement of higher education.  

TdV is a two-year bachelor part-time program (start 2015), partly founded on the initiative of artistic director Corina Lok, who places the ever-changing current affairs at the center of education. This leads to a strong learning community of students, teachers and alumni that has a focus on entrepreneurship and innovation. The program operates at the forefront of educational innovation, receives a very positive assessment from alumni and is a source of inspiration for meaningful and innovative (art) education. For alumni, TdV is an opportunity to build up a hybrid professional practice. For professionals who have not followed a professional arts training, whether or not with a culturally diverse background, the training is a possible access to higher professional education in art.  

TdV profiles itself through the following points of attention:

  • the theater teacher unites the artist, teacher and entrepreneur in one person;
  • contemporary education is determined by the continuous interaction between the ever-changing own community, current events and professional practice;
  • it is a social necessity to work towards an inclusive society and therefore an inclusive education. Among other things, by embracing the invisible archives that the study program carries with it and by adding a diverse population of alumni to a professional practice that is now mainly white and not diverse. the student develops ownership of his / her own learning, which is supported by the Personal Development Path (PDP), a tool for both students and teachers;
  • flexible education is a means of achieving educational innovation that does justice to the diverse student population;
  • e-learning plays an important role, for which purpose a platform has been developed together with the private provider Leerpodium that provides individual students, teachers and the entire community with digital space to support education;
  • the complexity of adult education leads to constant critical reflection on education and its interpretation by students and teachers.  

For those interested within the AHK, TdV shares knowledge and experience in the field of educational development via the public page of their own learning environment: TdV Xtra. This page can be reached via this link