Damar Lamers appointed as artistic director of Dance in Education study programme

Photography: Benno Ellerbroek

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The directorate of the Academy of Theatre and Dance (ATD) of the Amsterdam University of the Arts has appointed Damar Lamers artistic director of the Dance in Education study programme as of 1 April. During the current academic year, she shares the tasks with Jopie de Groot, who will retire at the end of the academic year. Jopie de Groot passes on a study programme that is greatly appreciated, both in the professional field and within the educational domain. The accreditation committee was very positive during the last assessment of the programme.

In 2007 Damar Lamers graduated from the Dance in Education study programme at the Academy for Theatre and Dance where since 2012 she has been active as teacher, study counsellor and core team member. Damar is a teacher and dance maker who specialises in improvisation and partnering.  

In 2004 Damar Lamers set up the TjillSkillz foundation. TjillSkillz focuses on dance and theatre by and for young people as a means of empowerment. Damar established the ReDiscoverMe foundation in 2018 with the aim of making dance possible for more people with a chronic ailment and/or physical disability.

Damar’s work method with every group is characterized by her personal approach. Artistry has pride of place and she uses her students’ existing potential and qualities.

Damar Lamers about her way of working:
‘I have a personal approach to my work. The Dance in Education study programme has given me the tools to work with young people and make performances while giving free rein to their creativity. I have seven years’ experience in working with people who have a chronic ailment and/or physical disability. Rediscovering your body and who you are, your current state and phase of life is a wonderful and essential investigation for every person.’

Marjo van Schaik, interim director of The Academy for Theatre and Dance:
‘We are delighted with the appointment of Damar and have the utmost confidence that she will not only continue the Dance in Education study programme in line with the ideas of her predecessor, Jopie de Groot, but will also add a new dimension to the inclusive dance(lesson) practices of the study programme. With her pedagogical approach she ensures that dance is accessible to everyone in society.’

About the Dance in Education study programme:
The Dance in Education study programme trains students to become dance professionals with a grade one education qualification (Bachelor of Education). Students learn to supervise dance projects in a culturally diverse urban work field and teach dance to dancers of all ages and from all (cultural) levels of society.

Photography: Arno Massee