A Proper Space: Docent Dans 3

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A Proper Space

The creators of "A Proper Dose" and "A Proper Second." now bring to you "A Proper Space". A livestream show with dance films and theatre performances. We have been working together with dance lovers to create together as well as learn from each other.

Creating a dance piece with restrictions is a challenge that the choreographers of the third year of the Dance in Education program have taken on. However, we have been able to rehearse in "A Proper Space", which is a celebration in itself. In the times we are living in today, Heraclitus’ words "Change is the only constant" inspire us. As choreographers we find ourselves in a constant search of the possibilities within these changing surroundings.

We are looking forward to sharing our work with you and look forward to seeing and feeling your energy in our livestream, free of costs, on Saturday the 24th and Sunday 25th of April.



Saturday 24th of April 17.00 hrs

Sunday 25th of April 14.00 hrs



Sa 24 april (show 1) you can use this link. 

Su 25 april (show 2) you can use this link.