Dansersfonds scholarships for three NBA students

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Elin Borgman, Ockje van Eysinga and Sterre de Vries, from the Dutch National Ballet Academy, are three of the eleven Dutch dancers receiving a scholarship this year from Stichting Dansersfonds ’79. As in previous years, the scholarship winners were selected at a public class, given by Han Ebbelaar, to which Dutch dance academies could send their best students. A jury of experts assessed the students’ quality and potential.

Support is even more vital this year
One of the goals of the Dansersfonds is to support young, upcoming dance talent in the Netherlands, and this year the support is needed more than ever, in the view of the foundation’s board. Alexandra Radius and Han Ebbelaar say, “Due to the corona measures, the young dancers of the Dutch dance academies have often had to work at home in isolation. It’s been a challenge to keep in shape in the space of a square metre. We’re full of admiration for the way they’ve succeeded”.

The winners each receive a sum of 2000 Euros, which the ballet students can spend on furthering their development as a dancer. Ebbelaar says, “They can do so in a variety of ways, but we usually encourage them to do courses and apprenticeships abroad. It’s good for dancers to confront the international competition. However, the corona pandemic means that this isn’t always possible at the moment. So the dancers can make other choices or hang on to the money until it’s possible for them travel abroad again”.

The jury
This year’s jury for the Dansersfonds scholarships comprised Alexandra Radius, Han Ebbelaar, Bonnie Doets, Ine Rietstap and Marian Sarstädt.




photos: Antoinette Mooy