DAS Theatre goes to Spring!

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This year DAS Theatre and SPRING Festival Utrecht have prepared a programme with 1st-year participants: OffSpring. Within the context of SPRING Academy, between 24th to 29th May at Het Huis, DAS Theatre participants create a fertile and permeable artistic incubator. Here you can experience their research processes, witness performances, share practices and participate in workshops.


Monday 24th, 11:00 hrs.

Opening OffSpring

To open OffSpring, a delicious breakfast and some surprises will take place at Het Huis garden. In this encounter we should start possible dialogs, as well as to share our thoughts and wishes for the week at OffSpring.


Tuesday 25th May, 12:00 hrs.

Carolina Bianchi

The lamb, the song, Cacilda and the journey to Dante's hell


I want to invite you to an hour of practices involving the voice as a channel for possession. To enable conversations of our internal landscapes with the devil, in order to evoque other logics for approaching knowledge until we can call knowledge something else.


Tuesday 25th May 16:00 hrs and Saturday 29th May 15.00 hrs

Ébana Garín and Luis Guenel

Body of the ruin

Is a collaboration by Ébana Garín and Luis Guenel that questions the meaning of “home” and “to inhabit” in a historical moment in which our hyper-capitalist society thrives every day to kill off the local identities of territories.


Wednesday 26th May, 12:00 hrs

Ainhoa Hernández Escudero

Dark mother, keeper of the key to the door between worlds, we summon thee

During offspring I will open the process of the choreographic piece Dark mother, keeper of the key to the door between worlds, we summon thee, that I’m developing during my time at DAS. Is the first chapter of the first season of Blooming-the saga. A choreographic series that speculate about different forms of making sense through oracular practices, dreams, spells, hallucinations, science fiction and interspecies knowledge.


Thursday 27th May, 12:00 hrs

Agat Sharma

Moths Must Be Moaning (lab edition)

Moths Must Be Moaning is a series of experiments exploring the theatrical potential of the sexual habits of insects. At the open studio at Spring, Agat will work with Moths and will create a series of open experiments that will explore the mating choices of insects and stimulate them for their theatrical potential. We will explore seduction, deceit, enchantment, and ecstasy during the studio.


Friday 28th May, 12:00 hrs

Venuri Perera

Can we find transparency in opacity? Can vulnerability dissolve boundaries between the self, the others and the world? Can we approach the everyday, the mundane and profane with a sense of wonder? Can we embrace the murky, the muddy, and bloom like the lotus? Can we party today if tomorrow is yesterday? A series of seemingly unrelated questions are at the root of Venuri’s search. At OffSpring, she will attempt an ‘Act of Vulnerability’, a physical exploration in the presence of friends and strangers.


Also important, this year five DAS Graduate School alumni are presenting work at SPRING Festival Utrecht main programme:

Samara Hersch - Body Of Knowledge - At Home 

Julian Hetzel – Mount Average  

Jaha Koo – The History Of Korean Western Theatre  

Laila Soliman - Wasanet Yodit

Abhishek Thapar – Cow is a Cow is a Cow