Students from the academies from the AHK very satisfied with their study programmes

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Satisfaction among students of the academies of the AHK (Academy of Architecture, Academy of Theatre en Dance, Breitner Academy, Conservatorium van Amsterdam, Netherlands Film Academy, Reinwardt Academy) and at the Master of Education in Arts is high again, despite the pandemic. This is evident from the results of the National Student Survey (NSS). Compared to students at other universities of applied sciences, students are more satisfied. Students have a high appreciation for the programme in general (3.96 out of 5.0), the atmosphere at the programme (4.25 out of 5.0) and would choose the same programme again based on their experiences to date (4.08 out of 5.0).

The results 
The NSS questionnaire was completely renewed this year, so no comparisons can be made with previous years. 

The themes Teachers, Engagement and Contact and Challenge and Commitment scored 4 or higher on a 5-point scale. Students are also very satisfied with the themes Equal Treatment, Guidance/Counselling, Content and Organisation, and Art Programme. The score for the theme Distance Learning is more than sufficient, which indicates that students appreciate the study programmes commitment to providing education digitally in times of corona.  

On the questions underlying the themes the study programmes all scores higher than the national average (view the fact sheet). Within the theme Remote Learning there are several questions for which there was room for improvement at the time of the survey. Even on the questions with good scores, the coming year will be used to raise satisfaction to an even higher level.

The results will be discussed with the study programme committees and, where necessary, concrete improvement actions will follow in the new academic year.

Early 2021, all students of the academies of the AHK are invited to participate in the NSS. The NSS is a large-scale national survey in which every year all students in higher education are invited to give their opinion about their study programme. More than 1700 students of the approximately 3000 students from one of the academies of the AHK completed the questionnaire, a response of 53%, which is higher than the national average (40%). The AHK and the academies appreciates the great involvement of students and the contribution they want to make to further improve education.