Winterschool@summer the journey continues

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What does your Planet Paradise look like? And if you open your eyes?

Artist in Residence Bruno Doedens invited all dreamers, thinkers, doers, daredevils and busybodies within the AHK to join the Winterschool@summer workshops - the offline sequel of Winter School 20-21.

Winterschool@summer Sunday 4 July - Friday 9 July 2021
New stories are needed to (re)value and innovate the planet. Man must reinvent himself as a clean species. That is the instruction of AiR Bruno Doedens to all of us. But how do you do that? Students from the Academy of Architecture and AHK will visualize this together, and they will give color and direction to this joint exploration from everyone's own discipline. Do you look inward, do you look outward, where do you even begin? Several guest speakers offer tools and inspiration during the workshops. It is up to us to manifest and contribute to Planet Paradise in our own way. Landscape artist Bruno Doedens outlines the framework, the workshop participants shape this movement.

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