CONNECT 2020 gets attention at De Best Verzorgde Boeken in Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

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In the exhibition of the selection of De Best Verzorgde Boeken  2020 (The Best Designed Books) in Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam this year, separate attention will be paid to books that have a very clear link with corona, that are inspired by corona and published partly because of it. The book CONNECT 2020 from the Academy of Theatre and Dance is in the exhibition.

About De Best Verzorgde Boeken
Every year, the Stedelijk and the Foundation for De Best Verzorgde Boeken present the most beautiful books of the past year. A jury of experts judges the books on the combination of design, printing and binding technique and commissioning. De Best Verzorgde Boeken  is the oldest annual selection of the most beautiful books in Europe and has a long tradition at the Stedelijk: the first edition was presented in 1932, after which the exhibition was shown annually with a few interruptions.

About CONNECT 2020
CONNECT 2020 connects all graduating students of Lichting 2020 of the Academy of Theatre and Dance. This edition contains stories, interviews, travel, internships and of course the performances of this special generation that graduated in corona time. CONNECT 2020 gives an honest insight into the "corona clip" within the graduation life of this generation. As a reader, you experience the world before 12 March  and the impact of the lockdown in one book. We went back to the students - who previously told us about their graduation plans - for a second, post-lockdown interview: what impact did the new reality have on their artistic ideas? You read and experience it in CONNECT: creativity knows no lockdown!

De Best Verzorgde Boeken will be exhibited from 25 Sept to 31 Oct 2021 at the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam