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THIRD - the 3rd cycle research programme of the DAS Graduate School - is delighted to announce its new cohort of artistic researchers who will join the programme for 2021-2024. Following a highly competitive selection procedure, THIRD is pleased to introduce the 6 new Fellows: Pictured above from left to right: Szymon Adamczak, Zhana Ivanova, Panagiotis Panagiotakopoulos, Maija Hirvanen, Miguel Keerveld and Sabine Zahn. 

More about their research

Szymon: Rehumanization is the key concept driving my research in the coming years. By that I mean certain ethical principles of working with communities and sources derived from the principles of nonviolent communication. I am concerned with advancing the positioning of my dramaturgical and performance-oriented practice in relation to restorative and rehabilitative practices aimed at improving and/or repairing relationships between people and communities.

Zhana: Writing is a large part of my practice, descriptive language being one of the main writing modes. I see many of my performative works as sets of conditions for this language to generate images, psychological states, tensions and transformations.

Panagiotis: In drag subculture the kid chooses the mother. ‘Drag-mothering’ became a way of living for me based on values such as collaboration, free exchange, co-creation, knowledge sharing, friendship and partying strategies for social impact –DRAGTIVISM. It could be argued that drag stands as an activist proposition for underrepresented groups and their intersections.

Maija: With my research Performing Interconnections, I’m focusing on alternatives to the human centred conceptions of performing arts. My research “writes open” and artistically works with modes of co-living with other species and forms of life through performative, choreographic and language related means.

Miguel: The project deeep blue looks at humans beyond rational agents. Therefore, this process questions the Kantian approach and is aiming at a focus beyond enlightenment rationalism. Starting from a position in which biology, geology, cosmology, and technology are congruent, human agency and universal subjectivity are related to earth’s altering ability in deeep blue.

Sabine: Different somatic practices accompany and sustain how she develops choreographic approaches and formats since 2005. In particular she investigates how choreographic strategies expand the way urbanity and urban space can be lived, expressed and transformed. Her practice includes establishing its own environment within a wider practical, discursive and artistic field of both urbanism, choreography and life.