DAS Theatre Autumn Research Labs 2021

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Reboot: Presence, Relationality, Desire

DAS Theatre Autumn Research Labs 2021

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20 September - 15 October 

Reboot: Presence, Relationality, Desire explore the situation of the present moment: after a year and a half of social distancing and digital contact, it becomes possible to gather and work together. During the 2021 Autumn Research Lab, DAS Theatre participants are invited to plunge into live practice with guest artists and observe and explore their desires towards live performance. The Lab is a four-week-long collective programme consisting of artistic input and in-depth encounters with guest artists. Although the Lab does not have strict thematic framing, there is a focus on artistic practices that deal with relationality and notions of collectivity both in physical, sensual, social and aesthetic terms. 

The guest artists have been invited to share their artistic practices, bring current concerns, working questions, and methods, and explore them with the DAS Theatre participants in a hands-on, experimental artistic laboratory setting. The invited guests for this year's Lab are Jelili Atiku, Daniela Bershan a.k.a. Baba Electronica, nora chipaumire, Myriam van Imschoot, Ant Hampton, Ivana Müller, and Amanda Piña.


The Autumn Research Lab is a four-week-long practice oriented, collective curricular element consisting of artistic input and in-depth encounters with invited guest artists. 

The Research Lab is the most intensive and longest collective study element and it requires full-time dedication. Unlike the rest of the curriculum, where personal interests and goals of the participants are guiding the learning process, during the Research Lab the participants are invited to open up to engaging with artistic practices that at first sight may not directly relate to their own research interests or artistic values. They are guided to process the input received in the Lab through practice, to share and reflect it together with the peers, the guest artists, the Lab tutor and the DAS Theatre mentor. 

The aim of the Autumn Lab is to expand the spectrum of artistic approaches that the participants engage with and to create a collective artistic research environment through exchange between the practices of the guests and those of the participants. This exchange is intensified by working parallel in two smaller groups, comprising a mix of first and second-year DAS Theatre participants. The division of the groups, made by the Educational Platform, is communicated to the participants during the first week of the term. Throughout the Research Lab there is regular interaction and shared reflection between the two groups. 

In the weeks before the Lab the participants can become acquainted with the artistic works, sources of inspiration and reflections of the guests and will have a preliminary (online) meeting with the different artists. The guests familiarize themselves with the group they will be working with by watching the introduction videos of the participants prior to arriving to DAS Theatre.