DAS Creative Producing - ‘Working Collectively – Collective Creativity’

1st and 2nd year students Master Creative Producing

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“Collective creativity is the most important and least celebrated attribute to the human success story.” Wynton Marsalis – jazz musician.

From October 2021 through to January 2021 - within the context of the AHK’s AIR Programme - the Creative Producing master study programme will investigate different ways of realising collective creative processes.

We will familiarise ourselves with the challenges of articulating and expressing a collective narrative and at the same time look for the  significance, satisfaction and strength of working together. During a period of four months, six groups will create a campaign video that highlights what they see as valuable features. Encouraged by examples of various collective practices, the students give form to the why, how and what of the campaign.

Special guests are Sanne Oorthuizen and Alec Steadman from the collective ‘Bodies of Power/Power of Bodies’ based in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

In the coming years collectivity in education will continue to be the focus of research. The aim is to bolster mutual solidarity, stimulate political awareness and learn to appreciate the artistic added value of alternative complementary models of working.

The programme ‘Working Collectively – Collective Creativity’ is supported by the Artist in Residence programme of the Amsterdam University of the Arts.

Innovation and connection are central to the made to measure AIR programmes just like the international and multidisciplinary context.