In memoriam Sjoerd de Vos (1959-2021)

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With great sadness we received word of the passing of Sjoerd de Vos.

Sjoerd was a specialist in the Dutch language and was one of the founders of the Dutch course that has been offered to our international students for more than twenty years since the 1990s. In addition to teaching language skills, the aim of the course was also for new students to get to know each other before the start of the academic year and to support each other during the first period in Amsterdam. As an enthusiastic trumpet player, he enjoyed being able to help music students in this way.

Thanks to Sjoerd and the teachers he worked with, countless music students were able to take advantage of the language course. We are very grateful to him for that, also on behalf of all those students.

Sjoerd was versatile, warm and hospitable. Our thoughts go out to his family, relatives and all who were dear to him.