School of Unlearning 2022

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Join the School of Unlearning: a school that does not propose to learn, but rather to unlearn. If we want to seriously address the problems of climate change and social justice, we need to have the courage to question certain given ways of thinking, doing and being. For how can we save the earth if we do not question the belief that humans are the most important beings in the universe, separate from and superior to animals and other nonhuman entities? Or how can we eliminate structural social inequality if we are not open to other histories and alternative forms of knowledge? In the School of Unlearning we ask the question: what do we need to unlearn in order to create the art that the world needs today?

On six Saturdays, in February, March and April, we’re inviting you to join us for six different programmes, at six different academies, addressing the six themes of the School of Unlearning: death, the human, language, rituals, time and space.  

Artists in residence
For each of the Saturdays, we’ve invited artists in research to put together a surprising programme in which you are challenged to ask questions, experiment and gain new experiences. Don't expect a series of lectures, but days where you actively get to work with the themes in all kinds of ways. Always in an interdisciplinary context. Together with students, teachers and staff from all academies, you will embark on a joint adventure.

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