Relaxation of corona measures for higher education as of 15 January

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The relaxations for higher education, as announced by the Dutch government on Friday 14 January, are also good news for the AHK. Fortunately, the doors of our academies were not completely closed and practical education could continue (partly) on location. These relaxations mean that all education is possible again in the buildings, but that a number of rules apply. Below you can read the general guidelines that apply in the buildings. Pay special attention to the face mask measure, it is stricter than before. We explicitly ask everyone to observe the general measures, so that education can continue on location.

Each academy examines how education can best be designed within the new guidelines and by when this can be realized. The academies may need some time to properly arrange all lessons on location. For this we ask for your understanding. There may also be exceptions to the general guidelines below within the academies. Therefore, keep a close eye on the reporting from your own academy about education and the measures in force.

General guidelines in the AHK buildings

Face masks obligation
Face masks are mandatory within the buildings of the AHK, in the general areas as well as in the classrooms, studios and lecture halls. The masks must also be worn during classes and at the workplace. If wearing a face mask forms an obstacle to participation in or the provision of education, the face mask may be removed, at least for dance, theater, singing and instrumental education. The mask is also allowed when you eat or drink something, provided you have a permanent seat or standing place (eating while moving through the building is therefore not allowed).

External visitors are also requested to wear a face mask. At some academies, face masks are also mandatory in other situations. Always follow the corona protocol of your academy.

NB. The advice is to use a disposable mouth cap (preferably type 2) instead of a homemade or fabric mouth cap.

Group size for educational activities: maximum 75 people
A maximum of 75 people in one room applies for educational activities. Education-related activities, such as courses for external parties and open days, can continue unless the educational institution itself decides otherwise. Activities with an external audience, such as performances, concerts and exhibitions, cannot take place for the time being.

Do a self-test at least twice a week, or more often if the corona protocol of your academy indicates this. You can order free self-tests via (log in with your AHK account). Do you have a positive self-test? Then do not come to the academy and have yourself tested at the GGD to confirm the self-test.

Facilities are allowed to open
Facilities within the buildings, such as the libraries, study areas and the canteen, are allowed to open. Here too, wearing face masks is mandatory, unless you eat or drink something in the canteen and sit in a fixed place.

Urgent advice: keep one and a half meters away
If possible, keep a distance of 1.5 meters from others, for example when you meet in the hallway, canteen or stairwell. The one and a half meter measure is not mandatory during classes, but give each other as much space as possible.

Corona symptoms? Stay at home!
If you have cold complaints or if you have the flu, stay home and get tested at the GGD. Even if you have already been vaccinated and/or have received your booster shot. If the test shows that you do not have corona, you can come to the academy again. If possible, take your time to recover before returning to the academy. Take good care of yourself and your fellow students/colleagues.

The quarantine rules for people who have been in contact with an infected person have been adjusted as of January 14. You can read which quarantine measures apply in your situation on the website of the Dutch government (in Dutch).

Keep an eye on basic hygiene
It remains important to adhere to the basic hygiene rules. That means:

  • wash your hands regularly and thoroughly;
  • sneeze or cough into your elbow;
  • stay home if you have complaints and have yourself tested;
  • make sure there is sufficient fresh air in the rooms where you study or work.

Work from home as much as possible
The advice remains to work from home as much as possible. If you have to be at the AHK, please discuss this with your manager. Of course, this does not apply to teaching positions and functions that support education; education on location continues.

Get vaccinated!
The AHK encourages all students and staff to be vaccinated. This way you protect yourself and others. Vaccination is of course a personal choice: you always have access to class or work, even if you have not been vaccinated. If you want to be vaccinated, you can make an appointment via (choose Vaccination and log in with your DigiD). Don't want to make an appointment?You can also be vaccinated without an appointment (both 1st and 2nd vaccination as well as a booster shot) at the GGD vaccination locations in Amsterdam.For more information, go to