Day of the Teacher-Researcher

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All are welcome to join us online on February 17th, 3-5pm for the AHK Day of the Teacher-Researcher.

The day will include a lecture by ATD teacher, Carly Everaert:
Critical Costume and Scenography, with guest respondent Dr. Rachel Hann (Northumbria, UK).

This presentation outlines Carly Everaert’s long-standing practice as a white, queer, feminist costume designer and how the practice-based critical thinking research course she developed for the scenography department at the Academy of Theatre and Dance in Amsterdam explores the relationship between performance design and our growing awareness of gender, sexual identity, race and the performing body. The presentation explores how intersectional feminist theory, queer and transgender perspectives, Black Studies and a multitude of artistic practices challenge us to connect political and societal questions to our own bodies and to wider bodily experience. The lecture explores how these issues may be filtered through costume and scenographic practice and shares the outcome of these visual translations. How do we implement critical embodied knowledge in our work, and how does this enable us to invest in a more inclusive industry, on and off stage?

Carly Everaert teaches in the scenography department of the Academy of Theatre and Dance and is a member of the Embodied Knowledge group in DAS Research. She has been a freelance costume designer since 1986 and has designed costumes for more than 200 stage productions, ranging from huge operas to intimate dialogues, in the Netherlands and Germany. In 2003 and 2015 she was sent out for the Dutch pavilion to the PQ, the four-yearly world exhibition for theater design. She received the Plombina at the foundation of the women's theater network for her work in 2001. In 2011, she and the entire artistic team of de Storm received the Wijnberg scenography award. In 2012, she received a silver cricket for her designs by Mehmet the Conqueror and Pinocchio. She designed the salons of Atelier D. She was, together with Sjoerd Wagenaar, head of the master's degree in theater design at the Frank Mohr Institute in Groningen.

Dr Rachel Hann is a cultural scenographer who researches more-than-human cultures of performance design, climate crisis, and trans performance. 'Beyond Scenography’ (Routledge, 2019) is Rachel’s first monograph and was shortlisted for the Prague Quadrennial 2019 Best Publication Prize. It provides the first theory of ‘scenographics’ as the place orientating traits of staged material cultures: from gardening to visual merchandising, installation art to theatre. Rachel has also published chapters & peer-reviewed articles on subjects such as costume politics, heritage visualization, practice research, & the performativity of architecture.

The full programme is as follows:

15.00-15.10 – Opening Day of the Teacher Researcher

15.10-15.45 – Presentation CvA + interaction

15.45-15.55 – Room for extra questions / discussion

Break (5min)

16.00-16.45 – Carly Everaert and Rachel Hann + interaction

16.45-17.00 – Final remarks + Closing off

To attend the event you will need to register.