Change in the Executive Board as of March 2023

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As of 1 March 2023, the composition of the Executive Board of the AHK will change. At that time, after two terms in the board and at the age of 65, Bert Verveld will step back as chairman of the Executive Board of the AHK. With this in mind, the Supervisory Board of the AHK has decided to appoint Annet Lekkerkerker, vice-chairman of the Executive Board since 1 March 2019, as the new chair from 1 March 2023.

A new person is being sought for the position of member, which becomes vacant. In the coming weeks, the Supervisory Board will draw up a profile for this vacancy and, in consultation with the University Council, will start a public recruitment procedure for a suitable candidate.

Jan Anthonie Bruijn, chairman of the Supervisory Board: “The Supervisory Board has unanimously decided to appoint Annet as chairman of the Executive Board from 1 March 2023. We see her as a very competent member of the board and she fulfills a figurehead role for the university of the arts. The Supervisory Board is very grateful to Annet Lekkerkerker for her willingness to take on this task.”

Bert Verveld, chairman of the Executive Board: “I am extremely happy with the Supervisory Board's choice of Annet. We have enjoyed working together in recent years. Annet is passionate about the arts and education. I congratulate the AHK on this appointment”.

Annet Lekkerkerker: “I am proud and happy that I can succeed Bert Verveld as chairman of the Executive Board from 2023. I look forward to continuing to contribute to the development of this wonderful university of the arts in that capacity, and in close collaboration with all colleagues at the AHK.

As chairman, Annet will keep most of her portfolios. Until 1 March 2023, Bert Verveld and Annet Lekkerkerker will continue their successful collaboration and will work together full of energy on the ambitions of the AHK.