ATD Fund presents Top Naeff Prize, André Veltkamp Grant and Henny Kamerman Dansers Prize

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On Monday 19 September at 17:30, the Top Naeff Prize, the André Veltkamp Beurs and the Henny Kamerman Dansersprijs were awarded in the hall of the Academy for Theatre and Dance, Jodenbreestraat 3 in Amsterdam.

This year, the Top Naeff Prize 2022 was awarded to Sia Cyrroes, a graduate of theAmsterdamse Toneelschool & Kleinkunstacademie (ATKA).
The André Veltkamp Grant 2022 goes to the graduation performance 7 Abiku Solos for 11 Bacteria Falling Through byFlavia Pinheiro, graduate of the master's programme DAS Choreography.
The Henny Kamerman Dancer Prize 2022 was awarded to Jinko Adams, graduate of the Urban Contemporary (JMD) programme.
The evening's presenter was Myrte Siebinga, fourth-year student at theAmsterdam School of Drama & Theatre (ATKA).
Musical interlude: Lente Me by Toon Hermans by Mats Hoogland and accompanist Maurits Wijmenga on piano (ATKA4)

The jury of the Top Naeff Prize on prize winner Sia Cyrroes
Sia Cyrroes is someone who makes us part of the story. Someone who is already very mature on and off stage. In his calmness and boldness, you can see that he has mastered his material. He plays with the moment and his playing keeps things alive. The personal takes shape, allowing the audience to get involved. His story thus becomes our story.'
Top Naeff Prize judges: Jeroen de Beer (director's assistant ATD), Sabrina van Halderen (game teacher and actress), Lois Maat (planning and budget ATD), Christiaan Mooij (artistic coordinator Meervaart and Director), Santino Slootweg (alumnus Mime education) 

The André Veltkamp Scholarship jury on 7 Abiku Solos for 11 Bacteria Falling Through by Flavia Pinheiro:
'The performance 7 Abiku Solos for 11 Bacteria Falling Through by Flavia Pinheiro is an impressive theatrical experience that appeals to all the senses. Pinheiro and her team create a playful performance as a new ecology to experience something together that feels ancient and futuristic at the same time.'
André Veltkamp Scholarship judges: Floortje Bakkeren, Gemma van Kruijsbergen, Charlotte Lap, Frank Noorland, Dorothea Sinnema.Special thanks to Zephyr Bridges, winner 2021 for her guest judging.

The jury of the Henny Kamerman Dancer Award about Jinko Adams:
'Jinko Adams is a versatile and innovative dancer and maker and has a very clear desire to approach hip-hop with contemporary influences. We look forward to following Jinko's career and believe he will be a very interesting addition to the Dutch dance field.'
Henny Kamerman Dancer Prize judges: Honey Eavis, Dalton Jansen, Wendy Tadrous-Paulusma.

Oldest theatre student prize
The Top Naeff Prize is the oldest theatre student prize in the country. The prize is named after writer Top Naeff, who was, among other things, a leading theatre critic. The prize is presented by Teun Donders and Jasper Stoop, award winners from 2020. The Top Naeff Prize is traditionally awarded as an incentive prize to promising talent from the Amsterdam School of Drama & Contemporary Music (ATKA) or the Mime Opleiding. The winner receives an unrestricted sum of €1,000.

Award for outstanding graduation production
The André Veltkamp Grant is intended for a graduation production that excels through involvement with today's society. The grant is named after André Veltkamp, director from 1997 to 2010 of the Theaterschool (since September 2016 Academy for Theatre and Dance). The grant is for a final performance that deserves a second life after the Academy. Charlotte Lap, theatre producer and widow of André Veltkamp, will present the André Veltkamp Grabt. The winner will receive €1,000 and bespoke production support for the revival of the performance.

Dancer award for most outstanding dancer
For the second time this year, the ATD Fund will award Henny Kamerman Dancer Award, the prize for the most innovative dancer/maker of the past academic year. Juror Honey Eavis will present the award. The award is named after Henny Kamerman, who built and directed the Jazz Theatre and Show Musical Dance programme (later called UC/JMD) from the late 1980s until 2002. The winner will receive a free to spend sum of €1,000

About the ATD Fund
The ATD Fund supports students from all programmes at the Academy of Theatre and Dance to complete their education and make the step into the professional field. The fund does this by awarding prizes and contributing towards tuition fees. And that, especially now, is much needed. Anna Drijver is chairman of the fund.

Anyone can contribute to the ATD Fund and it is much needed! 
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[Translate to English:] Jinko Adams. foto: Nellie de Boer

[Translate to English:] Flavia Pinheiro, foto: Nellie de Boer

[Translate to English:] Sia Cyrroes, foto:Nellie de Boer

[Translate to English:] Jinko-Adams, foto: Andrea Nath Martin

[Translate to English:] 7 Abiku Solos for 11 Bacteria Falling Through, foto: Thomas Lenden

[Translate to English:] foto: Nellie de Boer

[Translate to English:] foto: Nellie de Boer