Dance in Education 3 - kick-off CKV module with 'Hidden Gems' in Amsterdam neighbourhoods

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In the week of 29 August, Docent Dans 3 started its interdisciplinary CKV module. Together with students from the Music Teacher, Theatre Teacher and Fine Art Teacher programmes, they immersed themselves for a week in various neighbourhoods of Amsterdam with the theme 'Hidden Gems'.

During this project week, they conducted research, attended various workshops (including at the Grafische Werkplaats Amsterdam, House of Vineyard and designing a Soundscape) and were able to introduce students to various art disciplines within the assigned Amsterdam neighbourhoods. Halfway through the week, students started to focus on the making process and created various performances/installations in groups at incubator Lola Bae in Zuid-Oost.

A great kick-off for the rest of the CKV module!