Nominations AHK Graduation Prize 2022 announced

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For the eleventh edition of the AHK Graduation Prize, the jury examined 35 works that were submitted by graduating students. The jury selected ten projects for the shortlist. Two cash prizes of €3,000 in the Bachelor’s and Master’s categories, and an audience prize of €1,000 will be awarded. All other projects on the jury's nomination shortlist receive an amount of €500. The jury, chaired by Ernestine Comvalius, will announce the winners on Thursday 26 January 2023.

The following projects have been shortlisted:


  • It will rain by Amir Zaza, Aziza van den Berg, Ingmar Conjarts, Loes Lucker & team – Directing Fiction & Production, Netherlands Film Academy
  • Jongen van hout by Eva Oosterveld, Hannah van Helden, Myrthe Laarakker & team – Directing Documentary & Production, Netherlands Film Academy
  • Over een pastoor op regenlaarzen by Wessel van Wanrooij & team – Directing Fiction, Netherlands Film Academy
  • Psychosis 4.48 by Christina Pfroetschner – Theatre Directing, Academy of Theatre and Dance
  • This Is Your Captain Speaking by Idriss Nabil, Hannah van Helden, Patou ten Cate, Myrthe Laarakker & team – Directing Fiction & Production, Netherlands Film Academy


  • No Music on a Dead Planet by Frederike Berendsen – Pop Music, Conservatorium van Amsterdam
  • Tentoonstelling voor Verbeelding by Steven van Raan – Architecture, Academy of Architecture
  • The Island of Silence by Tessa Schouten – Landscape Architecture, Academy of Architecture
  • Troubled Women by Diana Kantner – Classical Music – Voice, Conservatorium van Amsterdam
  • XXX: Resexifying Amsterdam’s Red Light District by Anna Torres – Architecture, Academy of Architecture

The jury members of the AHK Graduation Prize 2022 are Amber Kortzorg (journalist, presenter & member Supervisory Board AHK), Ahmet Polat (photographer & film maker), Inez van der Scheer (junior curator Amsterdam Museum) and jury chair Ernestine Comvalius (supervisory board member Democracy and Media Foundation & young artists' coach).

This year we received a total of 35 works; one from the Breitner Academy, eight from the Academy of Architecture, six from the Conservatorium van Amsterdam, ten from the Netherlands Film Academy, one from the Reinwardt Academy, seven from the Academy of Theatre and Dance and two from the Master of Education in Arts. But, how to compare a museology thesis with a landscape design or an opera? The jury is faced with an inspiring and challenging task. In addition to a very good assessment by experts within the academy and by external experts, two important criteria by which the jury assesses the submissions is the degree to which the final work makes a connection with the outside world, and the potential of the project to stimulate development in the workfield.

Award Ceremony
In January the jury will announce the winners during a festive ceremony.
Date: Thursday 26 January 2023, 16:00-18:00
Location: Melkweg Amsterdam.

For all information, visit Soon you will find a presentation of all projects on this website.