Take-aways Popcontact: finding the team for your brand

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Twice a year, Popcontact takes place: this public event, organized by Master students of the Pop Department, explores themes concerning (pop) musicians. One week ago Tuesday, the theme of the event was Branding, and how to find the team that can help you build your brand. Students discussed the theme with experienced musicians and important players in the music industry, this edition Philine van den Hul, Nikolai Serda, Babs and may others were present.

Master students Iris and Julian were part of the organizing team, each moderating on the event. They share some insights from the event itself. But their most important take-away? ‘I know it’s cliché, but stay true to yourself.’  

1. Cover your bases  
‘Whether you work with people you know, or not, it's important in any case to do the paperwork,’ Iris explains, ‘Even if people are your best friends, set up a contract with them. Good agreements make good friends, and it prevents a lot of - potential - headaches.’ 

2. Trust your gut  
‘No one knows your art like.' Julian talks about the importance of not letting opinions (from the industry) constrain you. 'And of course you have to make concessions on the business side, but even then: trust your gut.’ 

3. You shouldn't want to do everything yourself   
Iris: 'As an independent musician, there will always be things you have to do yourself, but you shouldn't want to do everything yourself.’ ‘It's really quite possible to find a team with whatever resources you have.' Julian adds, ‘It's a matter of finding the right set-up that pushes you forward. I'm not good at accounting, that really pulls me away too much from the artistic side, but you can easily outsource that. And like that you can find a way that works for you.’