Yeng Nacion receives royal honour

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During the annual 'lintjesregen' on the day before King's Day, Yeng Nacion, Facilities Coordinator & Management Assistant at DAS Graduate School, received a royal honour. Yeng Nacion was appointed Member of the Order of Orange-Nassau by Zaanstad Mayor Jan Hamming on behalf of the king.

Yeng Nacion has been volunteering for various organisations for 20 years. In 2002, for instance, she started activities with the Bayanihan Foundation. An organisation that aims to promote the participation, emancipation and integration of Filipino women in the Netherlands.

At the work group 'Dienst aan de Wereld' of the World Diaconate and Church Centre EmmaĆ¼s in Ede, she was a valuable key member of that work group for 11 years, mainly due to her administrative and organisational skills. Furthermore, she was treasurer of the work group 'Dienst aan de Wereld'. 

From 2016, she became active within the Kogerkerk and the Noorderkerk. There, she serves coffee, is involved in the organisation of Monument Day and the Winter Market and in the preparation as well as during the Pink Celebration for the Zaanse LHBTIQ community.

Since 2012, Yeng Nacion has supported the Somsen Foundation. The foundation aims to introduce as many Somsens around the world as possible to their family members and their origins in the Achterhoek region.

At the foundation ZPINK-movement for word art, she has been treasurer and involved in organising activities since its establishment in 2018.

In 2019, Yeng Nacion joined the board of Amnesty Zaanstreek. Furthermore, she has been intermittently hosting international students since 2018, also helping them with orientation in the new living environment and the moving process. Finally, since last year, Yeng Nacion started volunteering at petting zoo de Veldmuis where she and other volunteers maintain the gardens.