Joop de Graaf wins Conservatorium Talent Award

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Joop de Graaf, student of bass guitar at the Jazz Department, has won the Conservatorium Talent Award on 13 May. Additionally, he was awarded the Mingus Composition Prize and an amount of €5000,-, made available by the Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds Noord-Brabant, to be put towards further study of the recording of a debut album. 

The six finalists were judged on elements including instrument mastery, ensemble playing, interpretation and presentation. According to the jury - Aad van Nieuwkerk (VPRO Radio), drummer Sun-Mi Hong, music programmer Guy van Hulst, journalist Mischa Andriessen and trumpeter Suzanne Veneman - Joop from stood out with his well-composed set with beautiful contrasts. Jury chairman Aad van Nieuwkerk: 'Joop presents a modern and contemporary sound at a high level. He gets the audience into his enthusiasm.'

As a result, Joop de Graaf will play on Saturday 27 May at 17:00 at Jazz in Duketown, and will also perform at the Make it Jazz Festival in Tilburg.