ATD Graduates at ENTER Festival

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ATD Graduates at ENTER Festival

The Ensemble New Theater Workers (ENT) is launching a new national graduation festival: ENTER. From 21 to 24 June, a new batch of theater students will show their graduation work. ENTER Festival shows the future of theater, it is a marker of a new generation entering the field of work.The festival shows what the graduating students are working on, what stories they want to tell, what they find important. From 21 to 24 June, a pilot of the festival will take place at Frascati and the Brakke Grond in Amsterdam. 

The Academy of Theater and Dance is also well represented! During ENTER Festival you will see performances by a number of ATD graduates from different departments, such as ATKA, Mime, Theatre Directing and Theatre in Education. You can find them in the ATD agenda. Through the links below you can find more information about their work and order your tickets.

Is the fire still burning - Agri Issa


Preview registratie en Q&A - Chloe Harris / Mikki De Gier & Agnes Kumpina

Uur Blauw - Lina Heijmans, Roel Pronk en Erasmus Mackenna

Half Goed - Zoƫ Dee de Heer

Registratie viewing Thinking, Giving, Birthing, Stealing - Chloe Harris / Mikki De Gier

Registratie viewing In de naam van - Agnes Kumpina

PULANG - Sarah Sahertian & Sem Tanate

IK VAL / ME CAIGO - Kira Anzizu Huygen