Building in Landscape at the IJsselbiënnale

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At the Academy of Architecture, we strive for an open and inquisitive attitude and encourage students to take a position. With its research and assignments, the Academy is committed to making a positive contribution to climate transition. As part of this, this year we started a collaboration with Lenteland and Erve Kiekebos. Lenteland, together with farmers and citizens, is developing regenerative farms with the aim of building climate-positive food communities. Erve Kiekebos is one of these farms. 

For eight weeks, 51 students in both Architecture and Landscape Architecture explored the farmyard and its surroundings at Erve Kiekebos, guided by an interdisciplinary team of teachers. The focus here was on exploring the concept of regenerative agriculture and the crucial role of soil in it.  

The work presented at the IJsselbiënnale is a selection of the outcome of this process.


Photography: Mariska, Julia P. and Julia L.